Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a new day!

Hey y'all. I've been missing you, but I can't really say 'I'm back' (yet). The quarter -- which has been 'kick-my-ass-black-and-blue' hard -- is finally winding to a close and I'm looking forward to time away from school and time to think (and share) about other things going on in my life and the world. Anyway, I'm taking a quick homework break and wanted to share this vid.

(Giving credit where credit is due: is responsible for this viral firestorm. He started work on the song on November 3rd (when I was still very much in the 'fight 'til Obama's in the Oval Office' camp, trusting nothing to optimism...), and he was at Grant Park filming the video on the 4th. They did editing on the 5th, and the song and video, called "It's a New Day," debuted last Friday, November 7, 2008. It has since been performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show and on Larry King Live. Amen, brother. It is a new day!)

Obama won this election a week ago yesterday, and I am still at a loss to describe the hope I have for a future that really strives to achieve some of the goals I most value for our nation and our world -- a clean, sustainable environment; quality education for all; corporate responsibility and accountability; a government that cares about the people not just the elite; responsible foreign policy and involvement; a revival of communal commitment to prosperity rather than individualism... Our dreams are many.

BUT, this work is not the job of President-Elect Obama. A man is not a movement. This is OUR work. And it is a serious undertaking. I'm in. Are you with me?